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Walls, has, however tweeted a few notes that could be interpreted as breakup chatter, including this retweet.She and Marroquin also appear to have deleted photos of them as a couple on Instagram, though this shot remains. Walls said she sent Marroquin a direct message on Instagram after fans of their shows suggested they might make a good match.

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Still, you have to hope that if they really are doing well these days, they continue to communicate better and not resort to online trolling.

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin has confirmed that he and rumored girlfriend Cassie Bucka are indeed a thing. His ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, as you might expect, reacted in VINTAGE Kailyn Lowry fashion, laying into him passive-aggressively on Twitter. Expect more details to play out on TV soon, though.

Rumors of Javi dating Cassie Bucka first circulated mid-last week, but in blasting pictures to his social media accounts over the weekend? In addition to posting shots of himself with his new squeeze, Javi confirmed for the first time on social media that he and Kail are divorced. Although Javi and Kail were going through a divorce last season, you wouldn't really know that if you just watch Teen Mom 2 online.

This Renaissance man also shares something in common with his potential future daughter-in-law Farrah as Debra tells us he is also a chef. David spent this weekend together in New York City, with one of their date nights spent attending an opera at the MET! She tells us that MTV cameras were rolling on both of them this weekend for . He looks like a VERY charismatic guy (sort of a cross between The Most Interesting Man In The World and Santa Claus) and I look forward to meeting him on screen.

Here’s a photo and video clip from D&D at the affair: So does Debra plan on keeping Dr. Debra did not tell us if she has already purchased an engagement ring for herself.

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