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Jackson, and Norton was in top form, disarming both Samuel and Keira completely and getting them to talk about sex on set.

And we're in the middle of it and suddenly this voice just goes, 'Keira! '"And if that's not mortifying enough — — there's also the fact that Keira had to Skype David Cronenberg to show him her best sex face.

Marx, 27, hasn't been shy about her relationship with fellow Bachelor-reject Tiffany Scanlon and has now given an insight into their intimate relationship.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, the buxom blonde shared a snap of herself showing off her midriff, in a pair of casual nurses scrub pants and a small grey singlet.

But it was the look on her face that proved to be most revealing, as she explained in the accompanying caption.'Two days left in WA and I've only just discovered the glory of scrub pants,'Marx wrote.

And it seems Megan Marx isn't afraid of what she shares with the world after her time on a reality TV show, unashamedly taking to Instagram to show off her 'sex face'.Those of you who were so worked up about Batman and Catwoman getting it on in the DC Reboot, Starfire and all the rest of it, you’re going want to go have some hot cider. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Tingle Bells” Uncle Ty’s list of the most inappropriately sexy Christmas comic book covers. It’s either a gift or what Lewis Black describes as the kind of thing you see or hear, and you have to pass it on to someone else before it attaches to your brainstem where it will eventually blow up and kill you.While some of their Bachelor counterparts have resumed a low-key life since their time on the show ended, the same can't be said for Marx and Scanlon.The couple's relationship has seen them maintain a place in the spotlight, despite the fact they were both long gone by the time the show reached a climax.

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