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Her parents divorced in 1997 when she was 16 years old; both have since remarried.She grew up dancing at Town and Village School of Dance in Paris, Kentucky.London was born in Mission Viejo and grew up there and in Laguna Niguel.

And this secret, should she could to admit it, could change her life forever. What would have happened had Elphaba's plan to elope to the Emerald City had failed due to interference? Galinda moves into a new apartment with an old friend and four strangers. Five years post-musical: When looking for something, Glinda's spell accidentally brings Elphaba and Fiyero back to Oz. Elphaba just wants to live her dream of studying at Shiz. Elphaba and Galinda actually talk about their dream they shared and this is the subsequent events and happenings of such a conversation. Unadulterated loathing becomes unadulterated loving, leaving Glinda to question who she is when Elphaba flees the Emerald City. She's tired and doesn't know how much more she can take. Part 1: Elphie and Glinda merge their new selves into their old lives.

Wendy had not had a lasting relationship until recently, family insiders say. Wendy has also worked for Oprah's company, Harpo Productions.

But now all of her dreams have come true and Oprah, 61, and Stedman, 64, who never married but have been partners since 1986, are relieved that she is a happy new wife and mother.'It took a long time but Wendy finally met a nice guy after moving to Chicago a few years ago to work with Stedman,' says the source. Spiritual leader Heidi Alfrey married Wendy and Bradley.

She later went on to the High School of Performing Arts, majoring in drama and graduating with honors. She received her Actors' Equity card when cast by Vivian Matalon in a summer theatre production of Charley's Aunt, and joined SAG when Arthur Penn wrote a breakout role for her in the film Four Friends.

Soon after, she was cast to replace Ellen Barkin in Extremities, with Susan Sarandon, off- Broadway.

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