Raquel bettencourt dating avicii

Don't miss our 20 Best Dance Albums of 2013 (starring Avicii!) Standing on top of a glowing video pyramid in front of a pair of turntables, Bergling races through dozens of songs over more than two hours."I don't like talking," he says, sipping water to fight off a headache.

Several of our readers from GW tipped us off about a graduating senior at their school that is allegedly dating Avicii.A 50in TV in the corner is freeze-framed on a boring bit of Avicii’s pre-gig Grand Theft Auto session. Avicii’s (real name Tim Bergling, stage name ‘the lowest level of Buddhist hell’) press officer, the wonderfully named Tony Tambourine, looks at me blankly: ‘A beer? He talks about his £8.5m LA mansion, which, as internet rumour has it, is called Casa Bettencourt after his girlfriend. Bergling was born in 1989 (the same year that your reporter attended his first acid house rave) and grew up in Stockholm. ‘I had, I guess, around a 50 to 60 per cent attendance rate,’ he says breezily. It’s great for calming down or hanging out in the studio but there aren’t many people on the streets.We might have one somewhere…’ When somebody finally locates a few bottles, Bergling refuses: ‘I don’t drink any more.’ In January 2012 he spent 11 days in a New York hospital suffering from acute pancreatitis, and there was a six-day spell in a Brisbane hospital last March with ‘stomach-related issues’. His mother is the actress Anki Lidén, who starred in the Oscar-nominated film My Life as a Dog. He has an older brother and sister who are into rock music. The darkness and the cold make you hibernate and definitely contribute to the way that people stay in and use their computers.’And that’s what he did.There are 18,000 people going hands-in-the-air, girlfriend-on-their-shoulders nuts. When I head backstage I join the squarest, politest after-party in music business history. I always had a hard time waking up and getting to school.Klaxons star James Righton (Mr Keira Knightley), rave legend James Barton (of superclub Cream fame) and Avicii’s Canadian model girlfriend Raquel Bettencourt mill around a charisma-free holding room, talking and drinking coconut water. ’ But he still has a few years on the world’s top-earning DJs: in reverse order, David Guetta, 46, earned £18m last year; Tiësto, 45, earned £19m and Calvin Harris, 30, earned £28m. Bergling shows me his watch, a solid gold Rolex Daytona. I think that’s why this job suits me so well.’Stockholm, he says, is a handsome and civilised place to live ‘but not much goes on there.

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