Elizabethan dating

Elizabethan women had very little choice in husbands.

Marriages were arranged by their families in order to bring prestige or wealth to the families involved.

represented the apogee of the English Renaissance and saw the flowering of poetry, music and literature.

The era is most famous for theatre, as William Shakespeare and many others composed plays that broke free of England's past style of theatre.

For example, the act of a betrothal was typically sealed with a kiss.

A betrothal ring was not always exchanged, but the custom did gain popularity in Elizabethan times.

The symbol of Britannia was first used in 1572, and often thereafter, to mark the Elizabethan age as a renaissance that inspired national pride through classical ideals, international expansion, and naval triumph over the Spanish — at the time, a rival kingdom much hated by the people of the land.

In terms of the entire century, the historian John Guy (1988) argues that "England was economically healthier, more expansive, and more optimistic under the Tudors" than at any time in a thousand years.

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Girl meets boy, couple falls in love, marriage and babies follow. While it was legal for boys to marry at age 14 and girls to marry at age 12, Elizabethans “reached the age of consent” at age 21, and many did in fact wait until then to marry.As a woman, you had absolutely no say in your future husband, and were expected to accept whatever wise decision your parents (father) made for you.If you came from a noble family, you could expect some of your family’s assets to be pledged in the marriage as well, a custom known as a dowry.They were taught that men were more intelligent than women.Many young men and women didn't meet their spouses until their wedding day.

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