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New Mexico Disability Placards & Plates The placards or license plates required to use disability parking spaces are issued by the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).The MVD issues both permanent and temporary placards, as well as license plates for people with disabilities and for disabled veterans.

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Get answers to common questions below by clicking on them, then contact us today for a free evaluation of your claim!Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) are part of a federal program that acts as an insurance policy to protect workers who become too ill or injured to work any longer.Your eligibility depends on how long and how recently you paid social security taxes out of your paycheck and whether your injury or illness is severe enough to constitute a disability according to the Social Security Administration's rules.Along with your new plates, you will receive a self-certification form verifying your eligibility for the plates, which you must carry with you when in the vehicle, and present upon request by law enforcement officers or other authorized persons. There is also no fee for Disabled Person's Special Plates or the Disabled Veterans License Plates.You do not need a doctor's certificate, if you have lost (or lost the use of) either or both hands, or lower extremities, and you appear at a local MVD office in person. Temporary placards are issued for a period of 12 months and cannot be renewed. Permanent placards are valid for 4 years and expire on the same day as the driver's license or the ID card.

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