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First: Introduction Second: Bikini Dinner Finish drinking. Having taken a swim before meeting Rebecca will prevent the pool party afterwards. Although the story will roughly follow the same path and have the same ending, clicking different hotpoints will have Ariane B leave the house in different clothes. Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca. You will need to pick the right lingerie and if you don't know how to do that (sucker! After the lingerie scene, agree to have a drink with Rebecca in the nearby bar. Backyard is partially rendered in “superfly”, bedroom uses IBL lighting. Still “petite”, but she no longer looks like she is starving.Also she has got a “bush”, since at least one of my characters should have one.

Evening dress scenario Get dressed and go for a drive.

Lighting has changed, there are a lot fewer hard shadows.

Also reflections on glass and surfaces is more realistic.

MARY: But the rehearsal’s not for another two weeks. one I don’t care to bring before my superiors – it would sound so trivial – but I think someone’s stalking me.(Over the other side of the road, three tourists are taking photos of the view. SHERLOCK: Coming.(He turns and goes to the living room door, then turns back to face Mary. Two are playing table tennis and others are watching them. He’s dead.(Looking horrified, Reed gets up and follows the sergeant out of the room. Sergeant, arrest this man.(The duty sergeant instantly takes hold of John’s left arm and twists it behind his back.)JOHN: What? He has Sherlock’s right arm twisted up behind his back.)SERGEANT: Sir, caught this one snooping around.(Reed looks at John.)REED: Is that what this was all about? Eventually he finds the words he needs to finish Sherlock’s sentence for him.)JOHN (loudly): ... (He grins triumphantly at Tessa and holds up his right palm for her to high-five. Eventually he lowers his hand again, shaking his head. An effervescent antacid pill is dropped into it and starts to fizz as it dissolves. (He drinks again.)MRS HUDSON: It’s just like old times, having you back here.(John puts down the glass and smiles towards her. MRS HUDSON: Yeah.(She sits down opposite him.)MRS HUDSON: You might not think it, but it does.(John moves the fork closer to his mouth, then changes his mind and lowers it back to the plate, groaning quietly.)MRS HUDSON: It’s a different phase in your life.(John pushes the plate away from him a little.)MRS HUDSON: You meet new people ’cause you’re a couple ...

happened.(He looks round at John again, who frowns but then smiles. I don’t even understand the decisions that we have made. SHERLOCK (leaning closer and speaking quietly): You want to go out on a case? JOHN: Please, Sherlock, for me.(Sherlock takes the phone.)SHERLOCK (quietly): Don’t you worry about a thing. A seventh bearskin-wearing person marches behind them ... JOHN: Quickly, now.(While Sherlock unwraps his scarf from his neck, John looks up at Reed and the others.)JOHN: Call an ambulance. JOHN (loudly): Call an ambulance now.(He points towards the door. (Both of the sergeants turn and hurry from the room. SHERLOCK: Private Bainbridge had just come off guard duty. (He puts his hand into his coat pocket, then stumbles in circles across the room while he tugs at whatever he’s trying to pull out.

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