Dating a frenchman

Written by Sylvia Sabes Sylvia is thrilled to be a French citizen, living in Paris where she writes ad copy for brands like Cartier, Hermès and L'Oréal while raising two teens and learning to share life with a Frenchman.

You can read more of her adventures in Paris and across the globe on her website, Only In Paris.

Well, you’ve got yourself a bunch of fun-filled afternoons.

Then add in the fact that you took away her son and that really makes for fun holidays. Well, American men do that without us having to ask and it’s part of our culture.

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Maybe it’s because I don’t know if he’s saying Missouri or misery, or focus or F*** us. Nothing makes me more envious than little squirts who are barely up to your knees and can speak more than one language.

Seriously though, a French accent is infinitely cooler than an American one. So if you marry a French guy and decide to have kids, you’ll pop out little bilingual geniuses that you’ll always have around to make fun of your accent and correct you in front of people you’re trying to impress.

The pronunciation, the intonation and the cute mannerisms just make you swoon. And if that’s not enough, bilingual kids just up your cool factor. Regular mother-in-law dynamics are a load of fun when she’s your same nationality, but when she’s French and doesn’t speak English?

Let’s start with Serge Gainsbourg - an alcoholic, chain-smoking singer - who by his own admission was not exactly an oil painting. – he nonetheless managed to seduce the stunning Carole Bouquet and Karine Silla to name a few.

He habitually made fun of his much prized, exaggerated features, his nose, his ears, referring to the thing that balanced on top of his neck as a ‘cabbage head’. Just ask the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Then there’s Daniel Auteuil and the 10-year relationship he had with Emmanuelle Béart? (Ok, he’s also a movies star but apart from that there’s nothing to write home to mom about).

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