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So, it was quite obvious that he would land up in any PUA company; and, he did.He joined a successful and popular PUA company where he continued his job for 4 years. The hottest topic on most dating blogs usually involves the disappearance of men during the dating process. Maybe he follows up with a text once he gets home and then…Crickets. Before I jump into this, let me preface this blog by saying that the following ideas can applied towards either gender. Maybe you have been there…had an incredible date: conversation was stimulating, laughs were shared, and an electric kiss at the end of the night. What seems to be a wonderful night on the town to the woman can be a one and done experience for the man.

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The series lasted for a year before Eric made his transition onto the big screen when he played Ben Affleck's gunner in Pearl Harbor, that was quickly followed by a leading role as Austin "The Cocky Blond Guy" in the teen send up feature film Not Another Teen Movie.

For the sake of space, let’s focus on the first few dates. Well…sometimes there can be a disconnect between the interpretation of the date.

THE INTERVIEWYou have had your fair share of dating duds that turned out not to be the best catch a few months in, so you want to do a better job making sure the next guy embodies your non-negotiables.

He has been helping Christian singles transform their dating lives for more than 10 years, through seminars, keynote speeches, and individual & group coaching.

Blaine has developed a roadmap of the 9 key stages of dating that take you from preparing to date again all the way to a successful marriage engagement.

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