Bookmarks vanish when updating firefox updating sql server 2016

If the menu bar is missing, press and release the "Alt" key to temporarily restore it.

If you always want to show the menu bar, click "View - Toolbars" and select "Menu Bar".

From the drop down menu that has appeared, please select restore and click on the entry (date) that you think best suits you Your Bookmarks should now have been restored.

Read this answer in context Your Bookmarks are auto-saved. Click the Firefox tab on the top left hand side of the menu bar 2.

So, if you just deleted a bookmark or bookmark folder in Firefox, there is a good chance you can recover deleted bookmarks. The first method guides you if you have just deleted the bookmark accidentally and would like to undo the changes right away. Method 2 Firefox by default, creates a backup for your bookmarks.

bookmarks vanish when updating firefox-17

As you know, marked websites appear under the bookmarks menu in the Firefox menubar and allow quick access to the websites without having to type in the website address.

Click the Firefox tab on the top left hand side of the menu bar 2.

Once the Library window has appeared, please click Import and Backup 4.

Select “Help” in the browser’s main menu bar and click on “Troubleshooting Information.”Click “Show Folder” and click on it.

If you see only a single profile, you should leave this window.

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